Are you considering outsourcing part – or all – of your production? Read on, and see how implementing a scalable production program helped Fuelsampler ApS to prepare for their growing market.


The Danish OEM company Fuelsampler ApS, develops and manufactures fuel samplers for the shipping industry. Leveraging the owners’ technical expertise and experience with marine diesel engine repair and maintenance at their sister company, Marco Marine, Fuelsampler has for 20 years developed and manufactured automated, pneumatic fuel samplers, that increases the reliability of the fuel sampling processes ship owners are required to carry out in order to comply with the international MARPOL Treaty, ANNEX VI.

Up until 2022, manufacturing took place at the Fuelsampler facility according to received purchase orders.

Fuelsampler’s products are used throughout the global shipping industry

Attention to climate change has led to an increased market potential!

Today where environmental concerns can lead to numerous changes in legal and regulatory policies, Fuelsampler ApS recognized the need for a product that increases both measurement accuracy & reliability.

This – combined with a general increase in sales ambitions – has naturally led to considerations regarding product strategy and production setup.

Production implementation and ATEX certification

These considerations led Fuelsampler ApS to depart from their traditional bespoke solutions manufacturing model. Instead a standardized product line that covers the various customer segment requirements would be developed and a scalable production setup put in place. In addition future regulations necessitated that such a product line be ATEX-certified.

Building scalable production requires considerable effort, resources and manufacturing experience. For this reason, Fuelsampler ApS made the decision to focus their own organization on its core competencies and outsourcing their production and its implementation to SinoScan.

Ready for growth with an optimized, scalable production setup

In 2022, SinoScan was given the opportunity to assist Fuelsampler ApS with production implementation and subsequently to work as their OEM. Sinoscan optimized all parts of the supply chain and production processes – to ensure the quality standards of the production setup, and in order to fulfill requirements related to the ATEX certification process.

During our work with Fuelsampler ApS, we have:

  • Delivered production-ready drawing and documentation .
  • Analyzed and optimized the supplier base – giving preference to a local supply chain
  • Established production lines at SinoScan’s facilities
  • Established production and QA workflows and trained production staff

Additionally, SinoScan took on the role as technically proficient project manager during the coordinated work on acquiring ATEX certification. A work that – apart from the drafting technical documentation – required significant coordination between all parties involved.

Today, Fuelsampler, has a well-engineered, ATEX-certified product, an optimized supply chain and a scalable production setup, ready for a dynamic market.

In SinoScan we have met a partner, who could serve as product developer, product engineer and actual product manufacturer.
SinoScan's combination of development and manufacturing capabilities has given the entire project an enormous boost. Among other things, they helped secure ATEX-certification of our Fuelsampler at the Danish Institute for Techology. I have nothing but praise for our partnership with SinoScan, and warmly recommend them.

Casper Staal
CEO, Fuelsampler ApS and CTO, Marco Marine A/S

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